Thursday, September 30, 2010

This picture is so gorgeous...

The blue is so very vibrant! I wonder where it is. Anyone know? I am guessing some place tropical and not here in the U.S.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is this worth $5 ... You bet it is...

Remember Myah? You've seen pictures of her before. You can't tell from this picture, but Myah has all of her teeth. Trust me, they are there. Today there is something different about her... She lost her very first tooth last night, and the tooth fairy left behind a $5 bill! I think we used to get a dime or a nickel - a quarter if the tooth fairy could spare it. I'm looking ahead and I have decided I want this tooth fairy.
It's got me thinking. If I lose my teeth and have to get dentures somewhere down the road, will I get $5 a tooth? Hmmm. Now I could do something with that.
Congrats to you, Miss Myah!
Don't spend it all in one place.
Love ya, kiddo,
Aunt Jean

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Their heads are always down...

and they are concentrating. This is my card class. Meet my September All Occasion Card class... They always have their heads down, working on their cards. I had to work really hard to get them to talk - they were such busy bees. Everyone did a great job on their cards.
Even have some smiles going on...
I was so excited about this. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a huge plastic box of jewels. I figure this will be a life time supply, and may even pass them down to my daughters. :) The ladies liked being able to pick out the colors they wanted.
We pulled out the Zutter Distrezz-It-All. We liked it, but several distressed their paper the old fashioned way - with scissors.
As far as my class went, it was a nice quiet day. The store, however, was another story. We had three classes and a crop today, along with several ladies in the store to crop for the day. It was busy! Tomorrow I'll be blogging more about the Minnesota trip. Take care!

Part of my recent Minnesota trip

was spending an evening with my very good friend, Shelly, and the newest addition to her family - Miss Millie. Millie is so sweet and absolutely loves to play. We went for dinner at El Toro (not Millie), which was very good and quite different than the Mexican food we get here in Arizona. It was really nice to spend time with Shelly and her daughter, Andrea. I couldn't believe Andrea even remembered me, but she did. Thank you, Andrea, for taking time out of your schedule to spend it with me and your mom. Another adoreable picture of Millie.
Shelly, you need a pink bow!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


These are the free items received from Tim Holtz/Ranger class. Two dry embossing folders, a package of grunge board diecuts, 2 distress ink pads (new colors!), glossy accents, gold paint, and the sponge dobber. This is just various free stuff from the crops.
These are some of the paper packs we received as free gifts.
Samples from the Cosmo Cricket booth... Very cool!

More Cosmo Cricket samples...
Cosmo Cricket's make 'n take for the first day...
Cosmo's sample wreath... I love the birds!
More of the wreath - check out the detailing in the flowers.
Lindsay on the go - he's always on the go, right? I couldn't even get him on my camera.
Okay, I finally got him to stand still. Great picture, Lindsay!
Julie Comstock at the make 'n take booth. She is such a delightful person - very sweet.
Lindsay helping Julie teach our layout class...
It was a great day - again, very busy, but fun!

Would you say he's a Steelers Fan?

Just another one of our local Arizona drivers souping up his car. It may be hard to see, and I apologize right up front for the dark picture (I was driving and trying to stay with this guy without causing an accident), but this person hand painted the logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers on the side of his car. Exhaust pipe in the back, extra tire on top - I'd say he's ready to go!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The classes we signed up for...

This is Bazzill's mini holiday chipboard ablum, taught by Joey Otlo. Very nice.This is what we made in the Tim Holtz/Ranger class. It is a small grungeboard book and it is absolutely beautiful - it may be small, but it is mighty! It was the only class that I actually completed within the time frame.
Class kits (card class, chip art class, Bazzill mini holiday book)
More kits: Cosmo Cricket layouts, October Afternoon Dog Days of Summer mini book, Bo-Bunny Star Album...
Little Yellow Bicycle Halloween envelope mini book, and BasicGray layout class.
This is Nicole checking out something in the classroom - or functioning on very little sleep - you decide. Psssst... that's Melody Ross in the background, teaching the class.
That's all for now. More pictures this weekend. You can tell we were busy, but happy little crafters!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Next came Scrapfest10

We actually started our day with Caribou Coffee - They have the coolest cups with great sayings on them. Each size has a different set of sayings, so needless to say, I drank A LOT of coffee last weekend. The big Scrapfest10 sign to welcome us...
Everyone must wear a badge - this is ours...
The skyline driving into Minneapolis...
A fellow crafter was wearing this on her lapel and was kind enough to let me get a picture of it. They are very cool. I have to try it. How neat would that be in a fabric book or as an embellishment on a page - a card, even.
I have so many more pictures to share. I'll do another blog Friday morning. Thanks for reading!

My "loot" from Junk Bonanza

Here's the flyer we picked up from Junk Bonanza. I was right - it started in 2006. Here's a picture of everything purchased: Imagine it! sign, red gingham metal tray, wire message holder in the shape of dachsund, wood spools, dominoes, plastic whistles, Wisconsin license plate, bingo card, bingo markers, a metal hanger, some metal googley eyes, some funky clips (nobody knows what they were used for), 2 clock hands, fawcet handle, Purdue pennant, small round plastic cogs, type setting stamps, Boggle game cubes, cartoon film strips, a recycled purse, and my favorite: the "Monkey See Monkey Do" metal sign. I think that's about it.
I love all of this stuff - it reminds me of certain things/events/people in my life. Purdue is for my little brother, Jeff, who graduated from there. Wisconsin is for him, too. I hope to get a book done for them using the cover as a license plate. The signs are for my new craft room. The small things are for curio boxes I am working on, and some of the metal objects are for a birdhouse project. The red tray is to make a magnetic calendar. So much cool stuff!
I LOVE this purse. It is made by Karen Heddens Designs from "recycled" wool sweaters. I love the long strap. I love the floral design and colors. She makes several sizes and many different prints and colors to choose from. Check out her website at There was so much to see that day and so little suitcase space!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Thursday, we started at Junk Bonanza

held in Shakopee, Minnesota. It is held at Canterbury Park which is for horse racing/betting, that kind of thing. I believe Junk Bonanza started in 2006. The entrance...
Two campers parked outside... very quaint.
This is a dress form, but notice the fox head. I didn't even see that until later.
An iron/metal Christmas tree. I just love odd stuff.
Nicole digging for bargains. This booth had many to choose from. Flowers made out of zippers. So very cute and as you will see in a later blog, these are all the rage right now.
A paper weight. Okay, I took this picture because I wanted to be able to make them, but for the life of me, I can't remember how they did it. I will have to depend on Nicole for that information. She's a bit younger, thus her brain is sharper.
Another "dress" form, but I'm not sure what you would use this for. I can't see me putting it in my living room.
Glass windows, fencing, and the "How Quaint" sign made from metal letters.
This is an organizer, but I thought it would be so cool to put my scrapbook tools in for my home craft room. It is made out of cans. If you painted it, used embellishments... now wouldn't that be cute? It is soldered together so I might need a little help from my brother in law for that.
Some type setting stamps....
A lace dress/flower hat over another dress form.
That's it for the displays. Tomorrow I will show you what I actually purchased at Junk Bonanza. We spent about 2-3 hours there, and I know I must have missed something. People were walking out with windows, tables, etc. It was very cool! This part of the trip was a pleasant surprise. We had no idea about what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. If you live in the Minneapolis area, you should consider going next year.