Monday, September 25, 2017

Keaton on Friday night

We had the pleasure of having Keaton spend Friday evening with us and he even stayed the night.  I picked up a few things for us to do, but he enjoyed the following...
 He told me the skeleton had "star" hair.
Notice what his shirt says?
Pizza Friday.  Yep, that's what he wanted for dinner.
Early Saturday morning, he had a t-ball game.
 He's dressed and ready to go.
He is such a sweetheart.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Recent Potluck at Work

We recently had a potluck at my firm, of the paralegals - 26 or 27 attended, so we had a nice turnout.
 You can see there was plenty of food.
 More than enough.  And quite a few desserts, as well.

 We even had entertainment - Pierette demonstrated
what she called Turkey Interpretative Dancing.

 You can see we enjoyed our lunch.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Columbus - the movie

Have you heard about the movie Columbus?  It has a few stars that I had seen before, but the best thing about it was that it takes place in my home town, Columbus, Indiana.  Not Ohio, but Indiana.
 My sister, Susan, and I went to see it together, along with my 
brother-in-law, Jim, and my great nephew, Tristen.
I was looking for someone to go with, and she really couldn't say no.
She wasn't born there, but she was raised there and it is home.
We saw it at the Harkins Valley Art Theater in Tempe, which 
reminded me a great deal of the Crump Theater in Columbus.
Did I love the movie?  No.
Did I like the movie?  Yes, I did, however I felt it was more of a reflective 
experience for me.
Columbus, Indiana is a town of about 46,000 people.  
When I was growing up it was about 30,000 to 35,000.
Columbus is known all over the world for its architecture.  
I have really been missing Indiana lately.
I no longer have family there, so I haven't been back since 2000.
I keep thinking one of these years I will take the time and go home.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I recently received a letter from my HOA

stating I need to paint a wall of my house - on the outside, of course.  I can probably best describe it by showing you pictures.  This dark spot on the wall was left behind after I had my yard re-done.  I am not sure why it is dark, but it is.  It used to be covered by dirt.  So I raked the rock back out of the way and painted the stucco. This is in an area that is what I would call a plant well.
 Here's the other side of the plant well.
And now this is what it looks like after I painted it.  Looks good.
So I will push the rock back after the paint dries.  I think I'm good.
 I used a couple of items today which made things easier.
The first thing is a rubber seal paint lid with a pouring spout.
I found this in my paint supply box and don't know where it came from.
I suspect Kimberly bought it when she painted her bathroom.
So, I tried it.
And I REALLY liked it - so convenient.
It is made so that you can push the spout down into the lid
and it seals.  No messy can lids to clean up or deal with.  
You can actually hear the air leaving the canister, so it really sealed.  
 I know you can buy liners for your paint trays, but I didn't think ahead.  
I didn't have one, so I wondered what I have at home that I could use.

Eureka!  I had an idea!
I used Press 'n Seal and put the "sticky" side down against the plastic tray.
It worked beautifully!
I actually had to use two pieces, but it sealed well and it 
made clean up so very easy.
I am sure it is cheaper than buying disposable trays.
The paint you see on the red tray is old, dried paint - not from this job.
I am one happy camper.  Okay, one happy painter!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Still working on Kate's quilt...

I recently spent a week in Pinetop, Arizona visiting my friend, Diana.  I stayed at a resort and my daughter, Kim, went with me for the first few days.  After she left, I got down to business and started sewing.  I definitely wanted the opinions of Diana and her sister, Carolyn.  They make absolutely beautiful quilts.  So... I finally finished the quilt top and we put it on the long arm quilting machine.  It literally went edge to edge.
 The picture above was taken after one row of quilting was done.
 Below is a better picture of the pattern we chose for Kate's quilt.
I am so fortunate to have such a good friend who is willing to share her quilting machine with me.
The morning I left, we met at a local restaurant called Persnikkity's Cafe.  
It is probably my favorite place I ate that week.
If you get up to the Pinetop/Show Low area, stop in.

Monday, September 18, 2017

My Aunt Mae

lived in Brooksville, Florida and was 100 years old when she passed away.  She was the sweetest, most tender-hearted person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She passed away the morning after storm Irma hit Florida last week.  She served many of her adult years as a missionary.  I remember as a child we went to visit my Aunt Mae and Uncle Raymond in Mexico on two occasions.
 The picture above is of my mother and her brothers and sisters.  
Starting from the left:
Darline, Hazel, Cecil, Elna Mae, Lorraine, Normal Jeanne, Mary Lois (my mother), Virginia, Howard, and Paul.
 This is my Aunt Mae.  
This picture is so great - it really is proof of her personality.
 And always had a smile - always!  Always positive.
Aunt Mae left a legacy and I'm so happy she was a part of my family.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wow! Can't believe how long it has been since I blogged...

seemed like it was last week.  I took this photo in August, on a very hot day when we took Keaton and Brody swimming on a Monday night.  The two brothers have captured a place in our hearts.
And they love to swim.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bucket lists... hmmmm

I don't have a bucket list, but I DO have places I want to go and things I want to see.  I recently saw a book where you create your own bucket list and then journal about it.  I thought "could I really fill that up?"  I didn't buy it.  If I decide to do that, I could make it, right?  But it really got me thinking  about bucket lists.

This morning, a thought just popped into my head.  Yes, I need to put this on my bucket list.

I really want to go to Mood (fabric store) in New York.

Mood is the store they shop at in the reality show Project Runway.
I have been watching Project Runway since it first aired.  
I love that show because the contestants actually get judged
on the garment they create.
Some are crazy, some are creative, 
some are ugly, and frankly, 
some just don't make sense.
But I love it.
 The selection of fabrics is amazing.
Just to see the rows and rows of all types of fabric, all colors,
and all textures would be a such a sight!
And of course, I want to meet Swatch.  But I better hurry.
He won't be around forever.  

So... maybe I do need to start that bucket list.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My goal is to get two quilt tops done...

and so I am working on one for me.  It is an older line of fabric by Moda called PB&J by BasicGrey.  I am very familiar with BasicGrey because they were one of my favorite paper lines for crafting.  Still think they are one of the best.  This line has such gorgeous colors and fun prints.
 I started with a jelly roll and sewed the pieces together, side by side.
I then went to Quilter's Ranch on McClintock and asked the ladies for help
in figuring out how to make it bigger than it appears.  
I showed them this big bag of fabric I have of PB&J prints.
They were awesome and helped me figure it out.

Can't wait to get this finished.  I LOVE the fabric!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I really love monsoon season...

It's about the only time of year we get rain.  And some years, we get very little.  But this year has been wonderful - we have had several big downpours!  Lightening, thunder.  It's great, as long as it doesn't get too out of hand.
The other night, my daughter was headed out for an exercise class and she came back in because there was so much dust in the air - it was thick and brown.  Knowing she shouldn't drive in it, she stayed home.
 The pictures really don't do a dust storm justice.

After the high winds, we got a huge amount of rain, thunder, and lightning.  It was Great!