Friday, January 9, 2015

Since I was so behind this year...

at Christmas time, I decided to maybe get a start on next year.  I went and spent the evening at Cindy's house (while her husband, Pat, looked at an sd card I screwed up)... and got a head start on next year's ...
 Christmas Cards!
 I bought a lot of tags off of
and decided to put them on the front of card stock...
hopefully being able to use up some of my existing Christmas paper.
I thought they turned out really cute!
Cindy made a pot of chicken wild rice soup - Yummy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Boy! I really do need to catch up, so here we go...

Some of our holiday events ...
I again organized a cookie exchange at work, so these are my photos from the night I baked...
 Cherry, pistachio, and white chocolate chip cookies...
 Egg Nog cookies...
 My firm treats the paralegals to an annual luncheon and we were allowed one drink, so...
 I chose this one and I honestly cannot remember the name, 
but I do remember that it was good.  
 This was the dessert tray we were served - Mmmmm!
 Dawn (who I work with) LOVES elves and this is her elf display.
So cute!
More cookies! 
I hosted a family holiday dinner (our 3rd annual) and my sister brought Mexican Wedding Cakes.
I learned that this is actually my mother's recipe - I don't remember that but both of my sisters do.  They are older (and wiser) - maybe that's why they remember and I don't.
 I served the cookies from the cookie exchange at my family dinner.
 This is my brother-in-law, Jim.  He looks a little crazy, but he really isn't.  
He's eating a piece of Creme de Menthe poke cake, made by my daughter, Kate.
Very yummy!
Makayla is serving cookies to her grandmother (my sister, Susan).
I was not good about taking photos - I was busy that night.  I wish I had taken more.
On Christmas morning, I had breakfast with Kate and Steve.
She asked that I bring monkey bread.  
Always bring what the hostess asks for, right?
It was definitely gooey and good.
 Do you remember the BOXES of Beanie Babies I found when I moved?
 I gave some to Tiffany and some to Katie - both teachers.
Tiffany, Kim's friend (and my third or fourth daughter) gave them to her class 
as a Christmas gift.
 They loved them!
 The day after Christmas, we met Nicole and the girls at Over Easy for breakfast.
 Kylee was very proud of the fact that she is losing this tooth and she could push it out.
She loved that it looks like a fang.  
I wonder if she has lost it by now.  I offered to pull it, but she said no to that.
While we waited for our food, Myah drew pictures (she's really good at it!) and
Kylee, well, not sure what Kylee was doing other than giving me the "peace" symbol.  
We ended up waiting a very long time for our breakfast, so we were all hungry.
 Keaton made a visit to our house
and he tried on the jammies I gave him for Christmas.
He is the cutest little peanut!
 Kate wanted to do something special for her grandma.
So she had her dad "sneakily" get her grandmother's recipe for homemade mints.
And then she made them.
 This is before they are covered with dark chocolate.
 Here's Grandma opening the tin...
 She was really pleased that someone in the family will carry on this tradition.
We then took Jewel and Dick out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

This has just been a smattering of our holidays.
Just as yours, our Christmas was busy and filled with memories.

Happy 2015 - may it be peaceful and memorable!