Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh The Places You'll Go

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? For me, I would go just about anywhere. If I ever get to retire, I want to see the world - and all parts of the U.S. This picture is my screensaver simply because I think it is absolutely gorgeous and totally unique. It is a constant reminder that I want to get there some day. It is part of Cinque Terre, Italy and it is one of five towns along the Italian Riviera. It looks inviting, relaxing, quaint, refreshing, and personal. I would love to hear your dream destinations.


vee said...

PAIRS! i will totally go to paris someday. that's my dream. never had a honeymoon so fabio owes me a paris trip! after almost 16 yrs of marriage....ya, he owes me big time!

tainted with a positive view said...

Vee, you are right! He definitely owes you a honeymoon. I want to go to Paris, too. If Fabio won't go - we could do a girls trip!