Sunday, June 27, 2010

More stuff happening at Paper Vineyard!

If I have any extra time, it is usually spent at Paper Vineyard. When I'm not working, you can sometimes find me there. I want you to meet Adriana Granado, the owner of Paper Vineyard. She is funny, smart, on top of things, and did I say, funny? She is one of the most quick-witted persons I have ever met. And she laughs big, almost evil even. You can tell she likes to have a good time. Notice the "chalkboard wall" behind her - we have a Build-A-Book class taking place on Saturday, August 7. This is the second time we've offered this class. The first one was a HUGE success! Customers sign up, come in, and make a book. It's up to them as to whether they select whimsical, vintage, whatever. They are given many choices. Then they go to multiple stations to select embellishments and use different techniques in their books. Everyone had a really great time. You might want to check it out. The blog for Paper Vineyard is: The website is

I have a lot to post today, so I have to move on.
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Adriana said...

I wouldn't say my laugh is evil...just incredibly filled with character! Can you hear me laughing now???