Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I promised "before and after" shots of my craft room...

Here are 3 photos that pretty much show you most everything. Remember, pictures don't lie. My desk - I know. It was bad. Really bad. It is obvious that I couldn't even work there.
Storage - crazy! Some of the bins were stacked 3 high! These are probably half of the storage bins I used.
This is my craft room now. Remember that I took over the formal living room and I LOVE IT! This is the Original Scrapbox and I really do like it. I find it helped organize a lot of my little stuff and my projects.
The top of one of my black shelves. I have two of these shelving units. Each bin is a little bigger than 12" x 12" which works great for scrapbookers or card makers. I just love having the space.
My desk and storage bins. These are mostly stamp sets. I started in 1994 with stamping cards. I'm pretty sure at one time I kept all of my supplies in a plastic shoe box - look how I've grown my collection of stuff!
The book shelf containing my papers. Notice my beautiful rainbow display. Nobody better touch that! It's only for looks. :)
I still have some things to organize, but if you were to ask me where something is, I could find it! I love this room. It is just so comfortable to go in, sit down, and start working on a project.


Tina said...

It looks awesome Jean!!!

tainted with a positive view said...

You will have to come over and play!

Esther said...

Beautiful, Jean! I love your new scrap space!