Sunday, September 26, 2010

Their heads are always down...

and they are concentrating. This is my card class. Meet my September All Occasion Card class... They always have their heads down, working on their cards. I had to work really hard to get them to talk - they were such busy bees. Everyone did a great job on their cards.
Even have some smiles going on...
I was so excited about this. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a huge plastic box of jewels. I figure this will be a life time supply, and may even pass them down to my daughters. :) The ladies liked being able to pick out the colors they wanted.
We pulled out the Zutter Distrezz-It-All. We liked it, but several distressed their paper the old fashioned way - with scissors.
As far as my class went, it was a nice quiet day. The store, however, was another story. We had three classes and a crop today, along with several ladies in the store to crop for the day. It was busy! Tomorrow I'll be blogging more about the Minnesota trip. Take care!

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FitterTwit said...

You are the class QUEEN!!! Great pix too! :)