Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Days 20 and 19 of my count down

Day 20 was spent at Paper Vineyard teaching a Christmas Card Class - This side of the table, from left to right, are Liz, Natalie (Liz's daughter), Colleen (we missed Amanda!), Claudia (Krista's mother), and Mary.  I asked them to all look up and give me smiles.... and they did!
On the opposite side of the table is Marianne, Denise, Val, and Aubrey.  The sweet lady at the counter is Krista.  She tried to hide, but I wouldn't let her. 
These two ladies (Cindy and Celina) became fast friends on Friday afternoon when they took Dana Edward's cookie book class.  I put them off at their own table - not because they were bad, but because the other tables were full.  It was a great class - they made some beautiful cards and I think everyone went home happy (in spite of the ribbon ruffling).  Thanks to everyone for taking my class! 
Day 19 was spent pulling out some Christmas decorations.  I am not sure how I want to do the tree.  It is really hard to pick only ornaments that are predominately white.  I definitely have some favorites that do not fit this year's scheme and I have to admit that it makes me a little sad not to put them on the tree.
This is one of my homemade photo ornaments.  The tree is so bright, it is a little hard to see.  I made this one last year and hope to make more to put on my tree.  I have pulled out some photos and will work on this over the next week.
I thought these white and silver ornaments might look good on the white tree.  I did add some bright blue lights to give it just a little color.  They are beautiful.
Tomorrow's another day!

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