Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunch Box Class...

No, we weren't learning how to pack a lunch.  This is the class where we used alcohol inks, paper, and chipboard embellishments to cover/alter a mini metal lunch box.  I had 20 people in class and sold another 4 kits.  Man, that is awesome!  I have to say that I think this class was one of the smoothest classes I've taught.  It just went like clock work.  Of course, I had great help.  Krista of Paper Vineyard helped me set up the tables and work station.  Everyone worked away.  In every class, I always ask some sort of trivia question of the participants.  This time I asked where they were from/where they were born.  We had SIX from Arizona, which is somewhat unbelievable.  We had some from each coast.  It was fun to learn this information.  Now the pictures... okay, that's me.
This is Joanie's spot and her lunch box, but she's not around.  Her area sure does look nice and clean.
Claudia and Judy...  they are finished and just sitting back and relaxing.
Collen is stamping the sayings for her cards.  We had plenty of alcohol inks to choose from and each person had their own applicator to use.  That helped tremendously!
Some of the ladies had already cleared out by the time I started to take pictures, but these ladies are working away, getting their cards done.
It was a fun day - and no stress at all.  Thanks to everyone who took my class!  It really was a fun project.

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