Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love JUNK!

Last year when Nicole and I went to Scrapfest, Junk Bonanza was going on - also in the Minneapolis area.  I absolutely LOVED it!  Even though we are not going back to Scrapfest this year, I am almost having withdrawals about missing Junk Bonanza.  One of the ladies involved with Junk Bonanza, I believe, puts out this magazine or has something to do with it.  Please don't quote me.  I am sure I have my facts wrong somewhere.  Anyway, what I want you to see are the shelves/decorations shown on the cover of this magazine.  She said this is her living room and she used cut, old suitcases as shelving.  I'm sure the pictures inside are much better, but what a very cool idea! 
It definitely makes me want to go out and buy this magazine!

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