Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rainy days in Orlando

I spent the last week in Orlando taking care of my mother after she had surgery.  While I was there it rained everyday!  I actually enjoyed the storms - thunder and lightening, flash rain - it was a nice change.
These photos were not all taken the same day, but YOU would never know that.  These are taken through a screen porch so they may look a little "fuzzy."  You can see the water flowing off the roof line.
The rains always came in the afternoons, usually around 3:00.  
This little lizard was not upset by the rain at all.
So I decided it was a good day to sit out on the porch and read a book - the next month's selection of my book club.
More storms...
My niece, Rachel, came by with her little one, Caleb.  He was all over the place, but extremely happy and a very sweet baby.  He will be 2 in December.  Before he left that day, he said my name.  You had to listen closely, but it was there.  Isn't he handsome?
I want to share with you something about this last photo.  It is currently a vacant storefront in Orlando and we drove by it every day when traveling to and from the hospital.  What is special about this place?  Well, my dad lived here with his family when he was a child.  My grandfather had an auto repair business that he ran out of the front of this building.  My dad told me that his family lived in the back room - 7 people - in a room that was about 12' x 12'.  They ate, slept, and did everything in that one room.  I can only imagine that the kids spent a lot of time outside, rain or shine.
My parents grew up during the depression, so I understand the impact it has on a family, however, it just amazes me and makes me realize how hard my parents worked for the things they have (and now can't let go of).
Take care - more tomorrow.

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