Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whew - Sept 30 is turning out to be a busy day!

I am up and out the door for Bountiful Baskets...
Remember this is only half.  I pick up Kimmy and we go together to pick up our fruit and vegetables.  Then we split it all.  From there, we went to ...
Bunna Coffee - I had a coupon and treated Kimberly.  I really enjoyed my non-fat dirty chai.
That is Adolfo behind the counter.

Then I dropped off Kimberly at her apartment, ran my produce home, then took off for the Antique Mall on Arizona Avenue, south of Warner.  Big flea market going on there today...
This was the biggest cast iron skillet I have ever seen.  I am sure it has seen a lot of campfires.
I hooked up with Pat because I called her for directions and as it turned out, she was on her way over there.
Okay, I think this is the strangest thing I have seen.  It is a cardboard lager box, made into a cowboy hat.  I wanted Pat to try it on, but she didn't.  If she had, that picture would be here, too.
A quick bite at Pittsburgh Willy's - great hotdogs, by the way.
I purchased the two enamel trays for a total of $3 - a smoking deal.  Not sure what I will do with them, but they remind me of my mother.
This enamel pitcher/measuring cut was my mother's.  I remember her cooking with it all the time.  My sister, Gail, rescued it from my dad who was using it as an oil container years ago.   It goes with the two trays.
I thought these earrings would make beautiful rings - one for me and one for Nicole.  She is the one who is going to make them.  Not me.

My day is only half over.  More things coming.

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