Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Found it!

A little story:  one year at the "after Christmas" sales at the mall, I found two very natural-looking trees at Linens Plus.  The price was $2 each and I just couldn't pass them up.  So I bought them and gave one to my friend, Nicole.  I loved it, so would she!  Well, many years have gone by and I don't know if she ever used it, but I put mine out every year at work.  Another friend, "no frills" Sheridan, absolutely loved that tree.  I looked all over for one like it and couldn't find one, so to make a long story short... after 3 or 4 years of her admiring my tree, I gave it to Sheridan, actually traded it for another.  I immediately started missing that tree - so much so that I asked Nicole if I could have hers, provided that she didn't use it.  Yes, I asked for the tree back.  Guess what?  Nicole and her daughter, Kylee, found it at home and the tree will soon be mine!
Kylee is holding MY tree.  Is this what they mean by "what goes around, comes around" ??  Maybe it fits in this case.  Thanks to Nicole and Kylee for finding it and giving it back.  They made my day.


ArtyMarti said...

Love is like that, too

Sheridan said...

And "no frills" Sheridan is delighted that Nicole found that other tree for you, Jean. Thanks so much for giving me your tree.

It's Me! Adriana said...

This story is so sweet. You are the best boomerang giver.