Monday, February 20, 2012

It was a WICKED night!

Kate LOVES Wicked - loves it!  She got together some of her friends and a group of 7 of us went to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Tempe and then on to Gammage to see Wicked.  My other daughter, Kim, had a conflict with that night and I was able to invite my friend, Cindy, to go along and use her ticket.  I had seen Wicked a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.  Cindy had never seen it so she was in for a treat.  Here's a photo of the playbill.  We were not supposed to take pictures of the production, but I snuck one with my phone.  I am such a rebel and rule breaker.
This is the stage during the intermission - I don't know if you can tell, but it is a large dragon  hanging over the stage with a map of Oz behind it.
We had a GREAT time.  It was a late night, but a wonderful time.  It makes me want to check out the musicals playing in New York while we are there.

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