Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little bit of crafting

I had some friends (Cindy, Lois, and Jodean) over last night to do a little crafting - everyone working on their own projects - and so I had to clean up my craft room...
I think it looks pretty darn good.  
I had to rotate the tables and it gave us much more room to walk around the tables than before. 
 A view from another corner...
 I didn't really have a specific project to work on, but I have been wanting to paint this wood block and give it a little more character.  
The wire pieces?  They are coat hangers that have been cut and curled.
This card holder was made by Krista Koenig.  Since I loved her idea, she gave me this one and I displayed my handmade cards on it in my craft room.  
I am not sure I have room for it in this house, but we'll see.
 I painted it a kraft color using acrylic paint, then sprayed it with Tattered Angels Chalkboard using 3 different colors.  
I think the paint underneath gave it a splotchy, almost dotted look after the Chalkboard spray dried.  You can see the muted colors but also the little bit of sparkle.  
After that, I used a large floral stamp on the top and front.  I hope I gave it character.
So you can see it is great for displaying photos or small artwork.

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