Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Remembers This?

Silly Putty!!
I found this picture on pinterest and I have to honestly say I sort of forgot about Silly Putty.
Didn't we all love playing with it?
About the best thing it was used for was lifting print off of newspapers.
A few facts about Silly Putty:
It was introduced in 1950 (actually created in 1943).
Something that is older than me.
It was made by mistake, while trying to come up with a rubber substitute for use during WWII.
(During WWII all rubber items were rationed - I did not know that!)
It bounces.
But you can also break it.
It is owned by Crayola.
It is flammable.
Still sold in plastic eggs - originally for $1.
It's first target group was adults.
20,000 eggs are sold EACH day - that's pretty amazing.
It can be used as a cleaning agent in your home.
It is also used in physical therapy.
Pretty amazing stuff actually.
Who would have imagined this Silly Putty, which had a somewhat rocky start, could have so many uses and be around for so many years?


Holly said...

Oh, I remember that! Isn't it funny that we were so excited to get that cheapo little thing and that kids these days need electronics worth hundreds of dollars to be happy?

tainted with a positive view said...

So true, Holly!