Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 2 of the cowboy, a/k/a "Roy"

I set the cowboy up in my office and several times during the morning, someone would stop in and ask "So how's he doing?"  After a few times, I felt it was time to name my cowboy.  "Roy" came to mind and well, you have to admit it is very fitting for a cowboy.  This photo was taken after 45 hours of being in the water:
Roy has grown, but I just don't see him getting to "600%" of his original size.  He is really going to have to have a growth spurt real soon in order to make the 72-hour deadline.  I decided we should have a contest.  So I asked co-workers to guess his height and mark it the container, then put their name beside it.
You can see my guess was pretty optimistic, however, there are two marks above mine.  I think either Pat or Geri may be the winner, but we will have to wait and see.
I will be out for a few days attending the funeral of my aunt, so we won't have the results until I get back.
I just noticed... Roy will never be able to stand on his own two feet...
One leg is markedly shorter than the other!

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