Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poor Little Jack

Poor little Jack had to get his rabies shot last night.  I have never done this before, but I went to Petco because a vet comes in, you stand in line, and they get their shots.  It is the way to go, very economical.  It cost $16.50.  That's even cheaper than the Arizona Human Society.  Lots of dogs were crying as they waited, although I don't think they really knew what was happening.
Jack was just happy to be held and get some one-on-one attention.  Oh, yes, and he enjoyed the treat he got at the end of his visit.  Kimmy went with me not because he is hard to handle but because in the car, Jack becomes a maniac.  He wants to sit in my lap while I drive and I DO NOT ALLOW THAT!  So it's a struggle.  Good thing we didn't have to go far.  Okay, Jack, we'll do this again in three years!

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