Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today was hectic... take a peek...
This was my checklist for today.  I got ti all done!  I need to do more, but that will come tomorrow.  Tomorrow's activities are "indoor" chores.
The card theme for Sunday's card exchange is "glitter."  I made the following cards - they were not easy - but I am glad I stuck with it and finished ten.

I used Glitter Ritz glitter which is an extremely fine glitter with beautiful color.  I created a polka dot template by running it through a Big Shot.  The paper I chose for the background I already had - an old line by Crate Paper.  The light really picked up the "sheen" in the glitter.  The colors of the paper and glitter really match well.  I love it because it is shimmery yet funky.  I have to say this was an intensive project. I had glitter EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere!  I had to wash it off my hands and arms, go outside and do a dance to shake it off.  I am still wearing some today.  As some of you may know, glitter can stay on even through a couple of showers.  I was at Cindy's house working on these cards so I had her support through the whole evening.  She patiently listened as I cried and complained my way through these cards.  Would I do it again?  Yeah, probably.
I hope you are having a great holiday weekend - it's not over yet!

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Carrie Rosalind said...

Love the card - especially the glitter! :)