Monday, August 6, 2012

Unexpected ...

Just as I was waking up on Saturday, about 7:00, I heard a funny sound coming from the air conditioner.  I waited a little bit to be sure it made the sound again, and yep... the air was not coming on.  It tried, but as I found out later, the problem was with the capacitor - I never even heard about that before.  My landlord got right on it and it was fixed before 11:00, but you can see that it was starting to warm up in my house.  I took this picture at about 10:00.
I was supposed to be at an all-day crop, but definitely had to hang out and wait for the AC guy.  So I started working on my quilt again.  I figured I could at least get a little sewing time in.
I am about half way through putting the rows together.  Soon... very soon.

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