Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a cute 9 year old!

Yesterday was Miss Myah's birthday - and just take a look at this 9-year-old in her new birthday outfit from Grandma Sota (Grandma in Minnesota).  I love that rockin' outfit.  You can't tell, but the stripes are silvery and glittery.
We met at IHOP in Phoenix for a birthday dinner celebration.  It was Myah's choice to go for breakfast.
When they saw the envelope, both Myah and Kylie wanted to know if there was anything else in there besides a card.  I said "Well, there could be a $1,000 bill.  What do you think?"  
Her mom said "there's a puppy in there."  
And in a way, there was a puppy in the envelope.  
I would love to take credit for making the card, but it actually was made by my friend, Lois, for one of our monthly card exchanges.  They LOVED the card.  
They were all excited when they realized it was a hand-made card. 
I also happen to know Myah loves this place called Flip Dunk.  
It is a fun place where you can jump on trampolines.
 Myah ordered red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting/syrup?  Not sure what you call it.  It was more like a drizzle.  I had a couple of bites and it really did taste like red velvet - not a strong flavor, but it was good.
 Miss Kylie ordered a chocolate pancake with a face on it.  It was huge and thick.  She said it was good, but she missed chocolate chips.  There were none.
(Notice Grandma and Grandpa Sota NOT looking at the camera.)
The birthday girl - enjoying her ice cream!
Happy, Happy Day, Miss Myah!  Just think - next year you will be in double digits.

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