Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Party for My M-I-L

My mother-in-law, Jewel, turns 80 at the end of this week.  She is now an Octogenarian - Whew hew!  Her sons are having a birthday party for her, but I will miss it since I will be out of town.  I really wanted to share this birthday with her, so Kate, Kim, and I picked up lunch and spent the afternoon with Jewel and her husband, Dick.
After lunch, we had her open her gift.  This is such a great picture of her.  (She even agreed.)
I saw this picture of Jewel and Dick on their desk and snapped a photo of it - I just love it.  Dick is 92 and a great guy.
You can't have a birthday without cake.  On Saturday I stopped at Mind Over Batter in Tempe and picked up a few cake pops and some cupcakes (red velvet, hot fudge sundae, coconut, carrot cake, cotton candy, and raspberry lemonade).  I figured everyone would be happy with that selection.
We ended up cutting four of the cupcakes into fifths and trying each of them.  We all felt like we were on sugar overload and couldn't eat the last two.  We had a fun day and I wish only the best for my mother-in-law's next year!

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