Sunday, October 7, 2012

An afternoon with Maggie

Maggie, who works with me, was wanting to create her Thanksgiving cards, so she came over today and we worked on designing cards.
She was completely satisfied with her "give thanks" card.  My youngest, Kimmy, stopped by and the three of us ordered a pizza.
Maggie's dad gave her a nick name of Mugwump when she was little.  You need to go to her blog (see link below) to find out what a "mugwump" is.  She recently went to an Octoberfest celebration (I think) and just had to have her picture taken in front of this booth.  No doubt she shared it with her dad.
Maggie shared this photo with me - so very cute!  What a cute little peanut!  Obviously, she broke her arm - while going down a slide at the age of 4.  You can read the whole story on her blog Musing From Maggie.
We had a great day and got a lot accomplished.  It has been fun to get to know Maggie and find that we actually have a lot in common!

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