Friday, November 30, 2012

A Saturday Outing - Big Heap!

A friend told me about this event happening in Cave Creek called "The Big Heap" ... and she thought of me.  She knows I love to look at anything nostalgic, junky, and vintage, so it seemed right up my alley.  Here are some of the sights that day...
 My friend, Miss Kylie, agreed to pose for me by The Big Heap sign... on our way in...
 Doll heads hanging on the trees - creepy!  A little late for Halloween.
 Car fenders...
 Lots of booths.

 This is one of my favorite altered things - I just love that they take odds and end pieces of dishes and turn them into garden ornaments.  I would love to have a whole garden full!
 My friend, Maggie, posing on the trunk bench I'd like to have.  Although I decided, it would be too hot to sit on in Arizona.
 We'll just call this guy "Mr. Fix It."
I missed getting Miss Myah's photo on the way it, so here she is ... on the way out.

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