Friday, November 2, 2012

Tea Time

When we were in NYC this last summer, we went to two different tea shops - David's Tea and Alice's Tea Cup.  We were walking and just happened upon David's Tea and we really enjoyed it.  I think the next day, we actually had breakfast at Alice's Tea Cup.  At Alice's they used these special spongey things that keep the tea from dripping down the spout.  I was intrigued by them, so I had to bring one home for both my sister, Susan, and myself.  Susan is a big tea drinker.
Kimmy made this teapot for me, by the way.   See that contraption on top?  It hooks onto the handle and then is pulled across the top (using elastic).  The piece on the other end is a sponge which collects the "drip."
A closer view...
It worked.  The tea did not drip on the counter.  Kind of a nice little thing to have, but probably could have survived without.  It will make me think about NYC, though, every time I brew tea.

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