Thursday, June 27, 2013

While together with my family...

we were in Florida.  All of us converged on my sister's house - I think we just wanted to be together.
My brother-in-law, Rudy, is a fisherman, what I call a Florida boy.  He and Gail go shrimpin' where they actually go out on a small boat, with a net, and catch (scoop) shrimp.  I have never done it, but hope to some day.  I heard they jump like fleas.  I believe it is a seasonal thing.  Both of my brothers were excited to try something new and went several nights in a row.
Meet my two brothers:  Ed (with his back to us) and Jeff.  Jeff is the baby of the family and I like to point that out whenever I can.
They had a good time, but found it is a lot of hard work to clean the shrimp.

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Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

What a beautiful setting for some family time! Doug and I honeymooned in Florida, and we still talk about the yummy shrimp we had while we were there!