Monday, July 22, 2013

Another set of wedding invitations

Remember that weekend I spent with Diana and her sisters, nieces, etc.?  To recap, it was a craft weekend of cardmaking, quilting, cooking, and laughing - LOTS of laughing!  I met Diana's niece, Jenny, on that weekend and shortly after that, she announced she was getting married.... and would Jean consider making her wedding invitations?  Answer?  Absolutely!  So after emails and phone calls and sending samples back and forth between here and California, this last weekend was spent printing, cutting paper, and putting the invitations together.  
First I went and picked up white envelopes and cardstock.  I needed to make sure I had the right stuff.  I previously ordered the "Tiffany Blue" cardstock, so I had that ready to go.
Saturday I attended a crop at Grapevine Designs.  Adriana was kind enough to let me use her heavy duty cutter that cuts 50 pages at a time.  What a time saver that was!  I then set up an assembly line for  stamping.
I used rolls of tape instead of a runner because I think it is a firmer hold and definitely goes farther.
I worked a good part of Saturday and most of Sunday to get these invitations done.  This picture was taken at 2:29 p.m. and I was making measurable progress.  (I was also doing laundry.)
It's 10:00 and I AM DONE.  Whew Hoo!  Eighty invites and RSVP cards - finished!
Tomorrow?  Quilting - maybe.

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