Saturday, August 17, 2013

Challenge Day 17 - "Symmetrical"

Tonight is family night!  We don't have a designated night for family night, but tonight my sister, Susan, and her husband, Jim, are coming over for dinner.  So of course, I want my two daughters, Katie and Kim, to be here - and Tiffany, Kim's really good friend who happens to love what's on the menu:  roast with carrots and potatoes fixed in the crock pot.  While cutting the potatoes this morning,
 it dawned on me that we can have symmetrical potatoes.

Yes, my crock pot is sitting on top of the washer.  I have very little counter space in this townhouse and so I discovered that I really like putting it on top of my washer during the day while it is cooking.  It is definitely full to the brim.  I could not find one of my usual ingredients - Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup.  My mother always used this and now I always use it.  Over the past few years, it has been increasingly difficult to find.  I will have to stock up next time I see it in the store.  So today, I had to try a couple of different things.  We shall see if anyone notices. 
Later today, I will show you the end results.  Mmmm.

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