Friday, September 6, 2013

I just want to share this beautiful photo... it inspires me.

The colors in these quilts really caught my eye, but I was also intrigued by how Lori Holt is hanging and displaying her quilts.  You can see a whole lot more on her blog if you go to a bee in my bonnet blog .

I just LOVE the colors and the fact that she is hanging her quilts.  I really like the handles and hooks she placed on the wall plaques - just a little different, but oh, so cute!  The colors just POP.
And wouldn't you die for a cutting table this size and this height?  Her room is so very organized - I am envious of the baskets and the neatness.  Especially the neatness.  Maybe I need to make that a goal for myself.  Hmmm.  Mine would have to be a combination of papercrafts and sewing.  Regardless, it does give me inspiration.

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