Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An inviting space...

My friend, Cindy, and her husband recently downsized to a little smaller home, but ... Cindy still ended up with a craft room - one to die for... with a boat load of storage...
The former owner was a quilter and the room was set up with three sewing machines!  Her husband built in cabinets and work tables - very nice ones with roll-out shelves.  Cindy is not a quilter, but she made good use of her craft room.
There's lots and lots of light in her room - windows down one whole side.  Her craft box fits well into the corner.
Right outside the room, she put a lot of her stamp sets and books in a bookshelf.  It fits perfectly in that space.  It really is an inviting space.  Congrats, Cindy, on getting your room set up and ready to go.

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