Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stepping back in time...

I felt like we were walking back in time when visiting the villages throughout the countryside of Croatia.

 In the next two photos, you can see a couple of things:
1.  The graffiti - I was surprised at how painted graffiti was all over the city.
2.  The electrical wires hanging from one building to the next.  
These buildings were not equipped with electric outlets.
 It is hard to see in this picture, but everyone hung their laundry out of their windows.

 The stone walkways were like mazes, going all directions, up and down.
These happen to be in the oldest part of Dubrovnik, within the palace walls which 
date back to the 7th century.
 This is my absolute favorite picture.  It is blurred because we were traveling on the bus.
It depicts so much of the countryside seen on our trip.

 Every village is centered around a church or cathedral.
 They take pride in their flower boxes and they offer such a bright splash of color.

 So many of their buildings are in total disrepair and they don't have the money to fix them.
 Again, flowers...
 We were told that the outside of the buildings are in bad shape, 
but the insides have been updated.

 This last picture is blurred, but I wanted to show you that this is what the homes look like
while they are being built.  They look vacant, but people actually live there.
And the building could last for years.
The bottom floor may be completely empty, but there will be families living on the top floors.
When they are finished, they will be stuccoed and painted a pastel color (you can see some in the very first picture.)

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Adriana said...

I love the pop of orange in the flower box photo