Saturday, November 2, 2013

Catching up after Halloween

I wanted to share some of the events that surrounded Halloween this year...
The weekend before Halloween, I bought candy, LOTS of candy, and made Halloween treat bags by stuffing gloves.  I think they turned out so adorable - of course, I got the idea from Pinterest.  I made 50 of these treats for two different first grade classes (my daughter, Kate's class, and Tiffany's class).
This is Kate's class... yelling "Thank You!"
Next is a video of Tiffany's first graders...  they are saying
"Thank you for the Candy!  Happy Halloween!"
Hopefully you will be able to connect to the video because they so cute and full of smiles.
Wednesday night was my book club.  We read "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger.
It is about a small town, Minnesota family in the early 60's.
Since I lead the discussion, it was my responsibility to bring dessert and I wanted to tie it to the book.
In the book, they referenced a Bob Andy pie, so that's what I made.
The brown crust on top is actually cinnamon and it was YUMMY!
It's origin is Amish, and my mother used to call it a Sugar Creme Pie.

Up next are Halloween costumes:
 Kylee is a character in a game she plays called Mindcraft.  It is a little dark and hard to see that they actually painted a box for her head and her costume has lights.
 Myah is a goth prom queen with piercings.
 Nicole?  Well, she is "a little nerd love" (who happens to need a dental plan).
Kimmy and Tiffany... the girl who played with lightning.  I hope I got that right.

I trust you all had a safe and fun Halloween.

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