Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pinot's Palette - a night of fun!

I didn't go, but my daughter, Kimmy, and her friend, Alisa, spent the evening at Pinot's Palette in Scottsdale taking a painting class.  Of course, Kim found it on Groupon, so they went and had a wonderful time, celebrating Alisa's birthday.  Notice the wine glass?  I volunteered to be the designated driver.
 This is Alisa.  
 There was an instructor and they all painted the same picture. There were about 50-60 people in the class and they had a wonderful time!  The instructor is at the front of the class and everything is also projected up on TV screens for everyone to see.
Here they are at the end of the night, all smiles, with their paintings.

So are you wondering what I did while they were painting?
We found a movie theater in the area and I went to see the movie Captain Phillips.
It was an excellent movie - one I would recommend seeing. 
Tom Hanks, as usual, did a great portrayal of Captain Richard Phillips.

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