Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Family Thanksgiving

This year my girls and I headed to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my dad, and my sister and her family.  On my flight down, I can't remember a trip where the clouds were SO thick!  These photos don't do them justice, but the clouds looked just like cotton balls - as far as you could see.

Coming down through the clouds was amazing.
My pictures are rather random because I was either tired from the trip (and not thinking about taking photos) or helping Gail fix dinner.
The festivities have started - we are getting the food ready.
Jen gives her niece, Addy, a good morning kiss.
We start serving our plates.
Sweet Miss Addy is content with her "lovey."  She doesnt' seem too concerned about eating.
My great-niece, Raleigh, wanted to make faces for me...
The lineup:  Raleigh, Caleb, Nate.. and my niece, Rachel, supervising the little ones while they eat.
Gail's grandchildren are 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old so you can imagine how busy it is when they all get together.
After lunch, the little ones made their own desserts - I am not even sure what they were supposed to be, but the kids had a great time.
My sister, Gail, also known as "GiGi" had cookies, icing, chocolate kisses, and candy corn to make their own dessert.
Nate and Addy get started.
Caleb is happy with his creation.
So is Nate.
Wait... Caleb wants to add more to the top of his.
It was a long day and someone just had to take a nap!  There were a few of us who wanted a nap but didn't get one.
It was a busy day, and I didn't get pictures of everyone - just the little people.
As always, I enjoyed being with family!

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