Sunday, April 13, 2014


This first muffin is from Liberty Market.  I really wanted to try it (and of course, forgot to take a picture before I buttered it and cut it.  This is sweet potato muffin and I just thought it sounded wonderful.  Guess what?  It was.
My next task is to find a recipe.
 I must be in the muffin mood because I made these below.  
Nope, they're not sweet potato.
They are banana pumpkin muffins.
I bought this pumpkin pancake/waffle mix but I have to say that I was not really impressed with it.
It was "cakey" or something.
So... I decided to be a little daredevil-ish and try using it in my muffins.
I used my regular banana bread recipe, used half the flour and half pumpkin waffle mix.
I added a single serving of applesauce to the mix.
I added 1/2 tsp. of a sweet spice/allspice.  
Everything else was the same.
I took them to work and everyone loved them.
They were a big hit, which made me feel good.

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