Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Both of my girls took international trips this summer...

Kimmy went to Costa Rica with three of her friends.  It was an organized trip through Gate1 Travel.  She tells me they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed their time there.  One of my favorite pictures is her encounters with iguanas.
 She said they were tame, but she still was skid dish.  She did not want to get too close.
 Kim and Tiffany both went out and bought special shoes for the trip -
they bought Keens.  Of course, not only are they comfortable, but are stylish!
 This is a sculpted garden in Sarchi.
 The photo speaks for itself.  That is one super-sized grasshopper.
Here they are on a boat tour.
Kimberly brought back a bag of white chocolate covered coffee beans - so good!
You can see I am enjoying them.

Kate went to Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland with a group called People to People.

I received a couple of postcards - one of doors - Kate knows I LOVE doors.  
I saw many in Croatia and really found them interesting.
and this one...
This is a postcard of a train station in Anglesey off the coast of Wales.
Can you see the name below the picture?  
Yes, all those letters constitute the name of the train station.
Whew!  Not even sure where to begin with that.

 Kate brought back an assortment of English teas and an Irish tea towel (not pictured).  
She knows I really enjoy Earl Grey tea.
I think I get that from my mother.  She loved Earl Grey Teas, as well.
 So I used my Teavana brewer and made some iced tea today.
 This brewer is real convenient - 
it dispenses out of the bottom when you sit it on the rim of your glass.
Soooo good!

I have to admit my girls have the travel bug.  They like to see new places
and experience new things and new cultures.
That makes me happy.

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