Saturday, August 16, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, Kate and I went to see the Jersey Boys musical at Gammage Theater.  We made a girls' night of it - out for dinner, the musical, and then on to an ice cream place called Slickables in downtown Tempe on Mill.

They are an ice cream sandwich shop - you choose the kind of cookies you want, the kind of ice cream you want, then they put it together for you.
 You really have to use a spoon to eat it.  I chose Snickerdoodle cookies with coffee ice cream.
I can't remember Kate's, but obviously chocolate - maybe coffee or butter pecan.  She looks happy, whatever it is.  It was good and if I remember correctly, reasonably priced.  Thanks, Kate, for showing me new places.  I always enjoy spending time with my girls, one or both of them.

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