Sunday, November 30, 2014

I really felt Mom on Thanksgiving Day

While I was cooking, getting ready for Thanksgiving Day, I realized that Mom was with me - in my memories anyway.
I started off with Banana Chocolate Chip Bread because I had been thinking of my mother's banana cake all week.
I decided to make an apple cranberry pie, but most of my cookbooks are still in a box.  I did, however, bring this cookbook back from Florida.  It was my mother's cookbook and they don't make it anymore.  So I used the recipe for apple pie.
I  realized that in this photo, I have her aluminum canisters on the counter.  I brought these back, and just set them on the counter, but I really like how they look with the granite countertops.  I also brought back her aluminum colander and used it for rinsing the sliced apples.  So you see, I had thoughts of my mother all day.  It really was a comforting feeling to know I was using the things she used when I was a child.
The picture above is the apple pie with cranberry sauce on it - BEFORE I placed the top on it.  This recipe was different than the other one I have.  They had you put half of the sugar mixture on the bottom of the pie shell, then the apples, and then sprinkle the other half of the sugar mixture.  I honestly don't remember doing that before.
On Thanksgiving morning, Kim had to go to work and wanted to take a treat for her co-workers, so she baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
They were good and they ate almost the entire batch - so I am guessing they were truly appreciated.
It was a busy day getting ready - as I am sure everyone had an equally busy day - but a truly nice day.

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