Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Big Heap in Scottsdale

I went to this event a few years ago, and since then, they have grown and moved locations.  Still, some of the items are the same.  I am always befuddled by the creativity seen here...
Plus... it is like taking a walk back in time. 
 These purses are made out of a pair of boots.  I have to say they really caught my eye - especially the green one, but they were definitely out of my price range.
 All kinds of metal objects...
 Metal sculptures (sorry, turn sideways)
 There was painted "repurposed" furniture...
 One of my favorite things is the sculptured flowers made out of plates and saucers.  
I just think they are so cool.
 We noticed that mink coats and stoles were really popular.
 There was Christmas stuff.
 And then I always love to try out the benches made from the tailgate of a truck.
Hey, that's MaryAnna!  
 A lot of homemade signage.
 This is a vest made from the top of a pair of overalls and an old tablecloth.  
I loved it.  Loved it!  So sweet.
 Not so much for me, but for a child or young woman.  
It would look cute with a little tee under it.
This picture makes it look like a dress, but it is a top.
  I am not sure if this is the fur of a coyote but it sure caught my eye.
MaryAnna is holding up the face for you to see.
So many things to see and it was gorgeous weather to hold this event outside!

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