Sunday, March 1, 2015

I thought we were on a roll...

to getting my floors done - thought we would be done in two days... and Monday I'd go to work with that renovation completely done.  But, no so...
Yesterday, they ripped up the old carpet and pad in three rooms.
Here they are on the driveway cutting the new carpet to fit the rooms.
This is a close up of my NEW carpet.  LOVE it!  And it is so very cushiony!
This is part of my house and furniture in total disarray - feels like I am moving again - and I HATE that feeling.  So the carpet is in, but I am waiting to show you new photos until the new baseboards have been put down.
This morning, bright and early, they started tearing up the tile in order to put the laminate down, which has to go directly on cement.
Today, it came to a screeching halt because they suspect there might be asbestos in the glue used to put down the old linoleum square tiles.  So now, in order to keep everyone safe, we have to get it tested tomorrow.  Not what I wanted to hear, but I truly understand.  Asbestos can be some nasty stuff.  So... I would really appreciate positive thoughts, crossing your fingers, some prayers and let's hope that this is not asbestos.


Patricia Shaw said...

Some of the pictures did not show up.....:(
That would be awful if there really IS asbestos! Not sure what that would cost to remedy but I'm sure it's not cheap. I hope it turns out to be OK! Keeping fingers crossed!!!

Lucy Andrews said...

You’ve been doing a lot of work these days! Good thing you were able to find the perfect carpet for your home. Anyway, I hope you have the tests results for that glue. Exposure to asbestos may increase the risk of nonmalignant lung disorders, that why I hope those aren’t asbestos. Anyways, good luck with your carpet installation – if you haven't finished it yet, that is. Keep safe!

Lucy Andrews @ Safeclean by Guardsman

Irwin Hearn said...

That whole process sounds like A LOT of work! Asbestos are really bad to have in a house; the sooner they get cleared out, the better. I hope the renovation didn't come to a permanent halt! My house used to have asbestos in it; thankfully they were all removed and it is safe to live in now. Good luck!