Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quinoa is the thing to eat, right?

So, I decided to cook some quinoa and make a vegetable/chicken stir fry this last weekend.
I have done many stir fry dishes over the years, however, this was my first time for cooking - and eating - quinoa.  A picture of the finished dish is above.  I used chopped brussel sprouts, garlic, yellow squash, and chicken.  I previously cooked and chopped the chicken ahead of time (and stuck it in the freezer), so this was a very quick dinner.  I thought I had zucchini squash to add, but sadly I was wrong.
This is the quinoa cooked and ready to go.   We spooned the vegetables over the quinoa, instead of using rice, like I would have normally done.
... and the final dish - a little cheese on top always makes it better.  Surprisingly, my daughter, Kimberly, really liked this dish.  She especially loved the brussel sprouts.  Who would have known?

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Patricia Shaw said...

Sans the Brussels sprouts, that looks SO tasty! Love quinoa.