Monday, June 22, 2015


My girls, Kate and Kim, have such an influence on my life.
That's an understatement, right?
I knew when they were babies, my life would be different,
and I could not imagine what that would encompass down the road.
They really are my best friends and introduce me to a lot of things.
One of those things are ...
Nail stickers.  Kate uses them instead of polishing her nails.
She had a Facebook party and to support her, I bought what I needed to get started.
I tried them and have to say I really, really like them.  
They last about a week, and usually longer, but I find I am so excited to try another print,
that I automatically want to change them out every Sunday night.  
These are the three different sets I've used.  
Here's what I like about them:
1. They are EASY to do.
2. They are dry the instant you put them on.
3.  NO smudging.
4. Great designs, normal or a little funky, you choose.
5. NO chemicals when taking them off.  I hated that!
I use a teaspoon of coconut oil and work off the stickers.
6. You can mix and match sets.
7. And did I say NO smudging?  NO smudging!

Maybe you want to give Jamberrys a try?!

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