Saturday, June 20, 2015

Peach Pickin' Time

We have a peach farm in the far east valley, Schnepf Farms.  For the past two years, Nicole and her girls (Myah and Kylee), have invited me along when they go pick peaches.  Last year was hot, hot, hot!  This year the weather was quite comfortable.
 We started off on a hay ride to get out to the actual orchard
where you start picking.
This year they invited along two of their friends who used to be their neighbors.
 You can really see the peaches on the trees.
 This is the line we stood in to get our peaches weighed and purchased.
 The peaches were beautiful! 
 And the grounds are pretty.
That's Kylee in the blue pants walking toward us to say hello.
Sam, Myah, and Nicole, are in the background.

 I just had to take this photo - I'm headed to Cape Cod this summer!
 They also hold a craft/vintage sale on the grounds.
Our ride back to the pain part of the farm 
and ultimately home.

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