Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sophie can be a little cantankerous when it comes to bath time...

She never gives ME a problem, but the groomer told me last time that she is getting a bit nippy with her.  So we hope the solution is for me bathe her before she gets groomed.  Tonight was that night.
I take her to this pet supply store, Pet Planet, down the street.  For $10, you can use the stainless steel sink, their shampoo and conditioner, their heavy-duty drier, and towel to bathe your dog.  She can't jump out - although she tried today when I had my back turned.  What a bargain, right?  And the mess stays at Pet Planet.  I definitely love that aspect about it.
 I had a hard time getting her to hold still so I could get her picture.  I told her it was for the blog, but she didn't seem interested at all.  
She just wanted down off that table.
Tomorrow - the groomer!

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