Friday, August 7, 2015


We made it to Boston!  We took the bus back to the South Station and transferred to the train.
 Lots of cobble stone streets and sidewalks.
 Lobster as fast food?  I guess so.

 My nephew, Andrew, lives right outside of Boston, so OF COURSE, we had to connect.
He met us for dinner on Friday night.
 One of the first places we sought out was...
 ... Georgetown Cupcakes!
 Poor Tiffany.  I asked her to stand by Tiffany & Co. for a picture.  
How do you pass this up?  What a good sport.
 Tonight's dinner was a cheese steak sandwich and salad.
The next day, we stopped at a David's Tea for drinks and visiting.
You can see our group has grown.  
Kendall and Stella - who went to school with Tiffany 
and Kimmy - just happen to live in Boston and they were such wonderful tour guides.
So we had Kendall and Stella, and Andrew with us all day.
 Drinks for everyone.
 We walked around Boston and stopped for lunch at Saus.
The clerk at David's Tea suggested it, so we went since it was new to everyone in our group.
They serve Poutine which I never would have tried, if not for Kate.
She was so happy Poutine was on the menu.  She knew exactly what she wanted.
French fries, fresh mozzarella, brown gravy and shredded beef.
 They were so good - As you can tell by the empty carton. We split an order which was perfect.
On our continued walk, we went through a local vegetable market.
 Still walking, we purposely headed toward Mike's Pastry known for it's cannolis.
 They made every flavor you could imagine.
 This is a view from taken while walking through Harvard Square.
 There were street performers all over.  
This lady played the sides of bowls (with water) like you would run
your finger around the rim of a glass.
You can see she had someone turn the crank while she played.
We really enjoyed watching her, it was definitely unique.

More of Boston to come.

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