Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More of Cape Cod...

One thing I really enjoyed about Cape Cod was ALL OF THE FLOWERS!  Hydrangeas were everywhere!  For some reason, I only took one picture of the hydrangeas, which I will get to later.  Flower boxes were prevalent and I LOVED them.
Another day we walked the Cedar Swamp Trail, which was literally just that - a boardwalk around a swamp.  It was interesting but we did get chewed up by mosquitos.  So much so, one of us turned back.
We caught this big fish right off of Provincetown - Okay, we didn't.  But it was a great photo op.
We noticed that a few places weren't "closed."  They were "shut."
Another view of the osprey - this time feeding on a fish.  I know - it's hard to see, but it really was happening.
Tawny is very crafty and thought we might want to bead bracelets - so that's exactly what she and I did one night.  We really had a nice time.

One thing we all agreed upon was trying almost every ice cream shop and cup cake shop on our route.  Sometimes we even went out of our way to find those places.  My favorite was the Sundae School Ice Cream Shop in Harwich.  It was amazing.
I got a four-scoop sampler. Very, very yummy!  We all shared our ice cream so we could taste more that way.
Tiffany, Kimmy, Megan, and Kate - all very happy after finishing our ice cream.
Jean and Tawny - also very happy.  You can see most of us were wearing jackets.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  I think the highest was 73 degrees.  One day was cloudy and hit about 69 degrees.
We went up this lighthouse.  I didn't count the steps - I forgot to do that.  You can see it's not that tall.  And the crow's nest was really hot, no ventilation.
This photo was taken at the bottom of the lighthouse, looking straight up. This particular lighthouse was maintained by the Coast Guard.
At the beach, I was somewhat taken aback when the "Caution" sign indicated you should watch out for sharks.  You might remember, though, that there was a shark attack at Chatham Beach earlier this summer.
Chatham was another nice community and evidently somewhat proud of the Great White Sharks.
More flower boxes.  So pretty.
We had lunch this day at the Lazy Lobster.  We found that lobster rolls, which are very popular, go for about $15 to $24 each.  McDonalds even had them on their menu.
Waiting for our food... Kimmy, Tiffany, Tawny, Megan, and Kate.
Tiff and I split the fish and chips.
 Not done yet.  Still more pictures to come.

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