Sunday, February 21, 2016

And I'm off...

Today was my first day driving in 4 weeks.  I was really nervous about it, but I ended up having a very productive day!  I haven't seen this view from my car in what seems like forever!
Here's the list of what I had hoped to get done today - depending on my driving capability.
You can tell I got it all done.  I started off going to the Arizona Children's Business Fair held on the grounds of the Arizona Center.  Children create products, sell them, and determine if they made a profit.  I believe there were over 100 booths - quite a few young entrepreneurs.  Kylee and Myah had a booth, so I wanted to show my support and check out the fair.  Here's what I found:
I wish I could have supported more booths, but I only purchased from 5 booths.
This first booth had a combination of magnets and ribbon products.
 In the picture below, Kylee and her friend are ready for a crowd!  
They made and offered lotions, lip balms, perfume, and candle kits in a jar.
Myah made coasters and magnets.  
From what I understand, they made a profit.  Way to go!
This booth was solely handmade cards by this 8-year-old.
Since I love card making, I really wanted to encourage her.
 These three boys made magnets or pins.
 This little girl sold homemade products related to pets and birds.
 From Myah, I selected Cat in the Hat coasters.
I bought two lip balms and a travel size container of hand lotion from Kylee.
Other items I bought: 
The cards were made to look mosaic - she used broken egg shells
on which she had colored with crayons. Creative, right?
I bought four magnets (buy 3 get 1 free!) from the boys.
I bought a Snoopy bottle cap magnet.
Then I bought homemade dog treats made of pumpkin and molasses.
Sophie and Jack absolutely loved the treats.
I really enjoyed the fair - I hope the girls do it again next year.  

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Patricia Shaw said...

Wow! That is quite an endeavor for young kids. I'm impressed!!!