Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Day Spent in Suzhou pronounced "Sue Joe"

One of the best days of our trip was the day we spent in Suzhou, China.  Population is 7 million people.  It really didn't feel like that, but then again, we were only in one part.  It was such a quaint city - so very inviting.  We had some free time to walk around and it was an absolutely wonderful day.
Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in China and is built on a canal system.  We went on boat rides through the canals - a sort of gondola ride.  We were able to see the backs of homes and businesses.

This was our driver and singer.  Yes, singer.  He serenaded us while we rode through the canals.  We had multiple boats for our group, so we could hear them singing up and down the canals.  It was fun to listen to them, but I have to say some sang better than others.

Residents of Suzhou actually use the river like this lady, doing some washing.  We saw laundry hanging over the river from windows.  I need to mention that the water did not look clear and clean.  It was pretty cloudy or dark.
Suzhou is also a perfect location for wedding photography.  We saw several small groups taking their wedding photos.
This sweet lady was selling small wire floral bracelets that she made.  She wove small blooms onto a piece of wire and fashioned a clasp.  They smelled so wonderful! I had to buy one.  It only lasted for part of a day, but the scent was a wonderful reminder of our trip.

 It was such a beautiful day for a boat ride.  
The character and quaintness of this city was amazing.  

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