Sunday, September 4, 2016


There are people everywhere in China.  We were told the population of Beijing is 19,000,000!  Because of that, you can't just go buy a car in China.  You have to apply to purchase a car and the applications can run up to $15,000 - that's above the price of the car.  And then you wait YEARS to get approved, maybe ten years or more.
So because of this, many have gone to alternative travel - bicycles, motorized bicycles, motorcycles...
and Barbie cars!  This car was even smaller than a Smart Car but she wasn't about to let the larger cars get the best of  her or run her out of a lane.
Their office buildings are very modern and sometimes futuristic looking.

Tucked into crannies are small businesses and stands.  
I just think they are so quaint - run by hardworking people.

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