Thursday, September 1, 2016

Check out my tub!

I am so very, very excited!!
My townhouse is 46+ years old and so is the tub in the main bathroom.
Believe me, it was gross: discolored and lots of scratches.
I wish I had a "before" picture, but I failed to take one.
 I hired Adams Fiberglass to re-finish the fiberglass tub.
They did a fantastic job!
 The price was so reasonable.  Only $425,
with a 5 year warranty.  
Their estimate was exactly as they quoted me.
They changed the color to make it match the sink and toilet.
This company was a pleasure to work with - they were great!
I am so glad I went this route
rather than replacing the entire tub.
I totally recommend Adams Fiberglass.

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